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Cimarron Systems, LLC is an engineering company focused on the development of emerging technologies for broadband cable, satellite, telco networks.  The company has developed a number of advanced system solutions focused on new media applications including:
   • OpenCable iTV network architectures that include support for tru2way applications, middleware, and
      advanced Host Devices.

   • C/Ku-band FSS, BSS, and DBS content distribution; MCPC/SCPC data; and VSAT networks.
   • Wired/wireless local and wide-area broadband networks.

Cimarron Systems offers technical services in the following areas of specialization:
   • System architecture requirements analysis/definition, design, and development of iTV,
      satellite, and wired/wireless broadband networks.

   • Cryptoanalysis, design, and development of Conditional Access, Digital Rights Management,
      Copy Protection, and Trusted Computing Systems.
   • Design/development of products requiring any combination of embedded digital hardware,
      software, and firmware; analog; and RF technologies.

To learn more about the company's expertise, the following brochures provide additional information:

iTV Systems...
PDF CA Systems...
Satellite Systems...
PDF Embedded Systems...

If you would like additional information or we can be of assistance with a new or current project, please e-mail us at
info@cimarronsystems.biz or telephone (303) 674-9207.  Learn more about our core competencies:see biographies...

Cimarron Systems is a veteran owned business.
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A partial list of Cimarron Systems clients is shown below:
   • AT&T Broadband
   • Charter Communications
   • Rogers Communications
   • Sunflower Broadband
   • Tandberg TV
   • PolyCipher
   • enableTV
   • Vidiom Systems
   • Evolution Digital
   • Radyne ComStream
   • Arris/Digeo


Cimarron Systems has undertaken a number of important, cutting-edge projects; examples of which are briefly described below.

OpenCable System Architecture
For several large U.S. and International Cable MSOs, the company has designed operator-specific implementations of the OpenCable System Architecture with headend upgrades including application servers; DSM-CC object carousels; and CMTS as well as OpenCable-compliant Host Devices with CableCARD; OCAP (tru2way) middleware; and operator-branded interactive applications.
Interactive Application/Content Delivery
For a major multi-program provider, the company has designed a system that securely delivers mutiple, iTV Applications and their associated content via satellite to the national U.S. cable headend footprint for content playout accross a number of provider channels on target subscribers' Host Devices.
Authorized Service Domain Client/Server
For a major CA System provider, the company has designed an Authorized Service Domain Client/Server cryptosystem that conditionally allows consumer devices to access television programming and high-speed data located on the multi-program provider's networks.

Cimarron Systems is a veteran owned business.
© 1998 - 2012 Cimarron Systems, LLC.  All rights reserved.

Getting Started

Cimarron Systems believes in using a systematic approach in order to meet our client's specific needs. During our initial contact we:
   • Confidentially gather information concerning project scope and key issues timeline; and

   • Determine a broad definition of the assignment, completion timeline, and expected results.

We use the information gathered to help us mutually decide if we are the best firm to handle the assignment and whether we can perform in the time available. Generally, the details of the discussions in the initial phase are then confirmed in a written proposal outlining:
   • Our understanding of the assignment;
   • Proposed
approach, the extent of client

      involvement, organization of the work,

      and the expected results;
   • Agreed timeline; and
   • Estimated cost.

Costs are based on the scope of the assignment, the time needed, and expenses incurred. More information concerning rates for services is available by contacting us.

If we can be of assistance with a project or if we can answer any questions you may have please:
e-mail us at
info@cimarronsystems.biz or telephone us at (303) 674-9207.
Cimarron Systems is a veteran owned business.
© 1998 - 20
12 Cimarron Systems, LLC.  All rights reserved.

The following resources by technology category may be interesting and useful to the reader.

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Cimarron Systems is a veteran owned business.
© 1998 - 20
12 Cimarron Systems, LLC.  All rights reserved.